“We say thank you!”

For METRO GROUP, 2014 was a special year, with two big anniversaries: 50 years of METRO Cash & Carry and 135 years of Galeria Kaufhof. In the past months, we not only duly celebrated the anniversaries of our sales lines within Germany and abroad, but we also used these as an opportunity to generate even more enthusiasm for our company among our customers. Many people contributed to making this effort a great success. We would like to thank you for your dedication, your original ideas and your creativity!

Our activities surrounding the anniversary are just some of the many examples that made one thing clear: our strategy is alive. The past months have shown how successful we already are in creating value in every country and, specifically, for individual target groups. This is just as true for the Kirana store owners in India as it is for the tech fan in Ingolstadt, the family in Wuppertal or the fashion-conscious customer in Berlin. Constantly rethinking our concepts for all of our target groups and staying a step ahead requires a lot of energy and willingness to change. Our employees are the ones who demonstrate this commitment day in and day out.

METRO GROUP is anything but an anonymous organisation. Our around 250,000 employees give our company a face and help make us diverse and vibrant. One thing is certain: This is a valuable foundation for our future success.

The Management Board of METRO AG

Signature Olaf Koch (handwriting)

Olaf Koch

Signature Mark Frese (handwriting)

Mark Frese

Signature Pieter Haas (handwriting)

Pieter Haas

Signature Heiko Hutmacher (handwriting)

Heiko Hutmacher