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Land area

17,098,200 km2

142.9 million

Russian rouble [RUB]

With over 17 million square kilometres, Russia is the world’s largest country in terms of area. It extends from the Baltic Sea across the Urals and on to the Pacific Ocean. This span of almost 10,000 kilometres runs through eleven time zones. Russia is home to nearly 143 million people, most of which live in the cities and the urban industrial areas in the central and southern regions as well as in western Siberia. Moscow and St Petersburg are Russia’s major economic and cultural centres. About twelve million people live in the greater Moscow area alone.

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As a purchasing assistant at the head office of METRO Cash & Carry Russia in Moscow, julia polotseva focuses on her customers. In her free time, however, her heart belongs to traditional Russian dance. She feels that music and movement give her soul wings.

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Julia Polotseva (Foto)
Julia Polotseva im dance studio „Ilse Liepa’s Studio“ (Foto)