Dividend and dividend policy

METRO AG aims to pay an attractive dividend. For this reason, it has adopted a dividend policy in which the dividend amounts to 40 to 50 per cent of earnings per share before special items.

The Management and Supervisory Boards of METRO AG will therefore propose to the Annual General Meeting of METRO AG on 20 February 2015 a dividend of €0.90 per ordinary share and €1.13 per preference share. The amount of €1.13 per preference share includes a subsequent payment of €0.17 from the short financial year 2013.

On the basis of the closing price on 30 September 2014, the dividend yield amounts to 3.5 per cent for ordinary shares and 5.6 per cent for preference shares.

The payout ratio totals 48.9 per cent based on earnings per share before special items of €1.84 per ordinary share.