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64.0 million

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In terms of land area, France is the largest and one of the most populous countries of the European Union. The national economy is the fifth-largest worldwide. France is also the second-largest industrial country in Europe next to Germany. Major pillars of the economy include the aviation and automotive industries, energy, food and agriculture, luxury goods, pharmaceutical products and the chemical and electronics industries. Food is of great importance to French people. France thus has the second-highest per capita spending on food in Europe next to Switzerland.

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Alain Colas is a big fan of the Middle Ages. Old forgotten varieties of vegetables are his speciality. The customers of METRO Cash & Carry also get to benefit from his knowledge and his enthusiasm, because Alain Colas works as an assistant manager in the fruit and vegetable department of the store in Saint-Malo.

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Alain Colas (Foto)
Alain Colas takes a walk to the medieval market in Dinan, France (Foto)