Waste generation in kg per m2 of selling space
at METRO GROUP locations / recycling rate in %

Waste (bar chart and pie chart)

As a retail company, METRO GROUP needs resources that will be available far into the future. These raw materials are essential because they are required to produce and package the company’s products. At the end of a product’s usage phase, we consider whether and how the raw materials used in it can be recycled or disposed of in the most environmentally conscious manner. The first component of this programme is the avoidance strategy. Its aim is to prevent waste from being created in the first place. One way it accomplishes this goal is by optimally using resources in the manufacture of products and packaging. A second component involves resource recovery. Instead of throwing out products and packaging that are no longer needed, we repurpose them. The third component of this approach – recycling – has commercial potential. For this reason, we are committed to promoting innovative manufacturing and recycling technologies and to thinking in terms of cycles. Because consumers are in possession of products and packaging when they reach the end of their useful lives, we consider it our duty to advise customers about disposal: we provide our customers with information about resources, encourage them to avoid waste and create incentives and opportunities for correct disposal. In this manner, we do our part to ensure that waste materials can once again be used as raw materials.