The specific product mixes of our sales lines are designed in such a way that they optimally meet the wide range of needs of our private and professional customers. These products and services must not just meet quality and safety requirements. Increasingly, they must also fulfil critical requirements regarding social compatibility and environmental consciousness – from production and procurement to usage and disposal. One of our primary concerns is that our customers can put their faith in these qualities when they purchase and use our products. For this reason, we systematically introduce measures that we can use to influence the safety, quality and sustainability of our product range. We achieve this in our supply chain and product management by implementing our guidelines on sustainable purchasing. These guidelines define quality and sustainability criteria, and require regular audits to determine whether quality and sustainability standards are being observed. We also create transparency by maintaining direct relationships with our business partners and employing innovative technical solutions that can be used to monitor the individual links of the supply chain. Furthermore, to underscore our costumer orientation we use product labels that indicate our compliance with certain quality or sustainability standards. We also label our own brands accordingly. In addition, we accompany this by providing specially prepared information in our stores and engaging in dialogue with our customers. By doing so, we support and encourage responsible consumption by our customers.

Our sales lines’ assortments include fair-trade products as well as foods that bear the European organic symbol. In financial year 2013/14, our sales lines METRO Cash & Carry, Real and Galeria Kaufhof generated sales of products certified by the EU Regulation on organic farming totalling €96 million in Germany. Our stores also offer products from sustainable, environmentally conscious fisheries. The seal of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) communicates this fact to customers. In financial year 2013/14, the sustainable fish product range of our sales lines METRO Cash & Carry, Real and Galeria Kaufhof in Germany comprised 90 MSC-certified own-brand products and 775 brand items. These products generated sales of approximately €56 million.

Our sales lines also provide customers in other product groups with a broad range of environmentally conscious and socially responsible products. These products include

  • efficient electric appliances bearing energy labels from A+ to A+++,
  • stationery based on the standards of the “Blauer Engel” (Blue Angel), a German environmental seal, or of sustainable forestry,
  • natural cosmetics in accordance with BDIH and NATRUE standards and
  • textiles made from organic cotton or cotton produced in accordance with the “Cotton made in Africa” standard.

As a helpful guide to customers, our Galeria Kaufhof sales line adds the logo “natürlich GALERIA” (naturally GALERIA) to products that meet the requirements of a defined sustainability standard. Nearly 13,600 products in the Kaufhof assortment now fulfil this standard.

METRO GROUP is taking innovative approaches to traceability: in 2013, we began to work with other retailers, well-known partners and the standardisation organisation GS1 Germany on an international cross-industry solution. Our goal is to create complete transparency regarding the resources that have been used and the procurement of products throughout the value chain. The key element of this solution, which we call “Traceability in the cloud”, is the electronic collection of relevant data and consolidation of these data on an integrated software platform. This platform significantly improves access to this information and arranges it intuitively, creating more transparency throughout the entire value chain – all the way to the end consumer.



Status goal


Status measures


METRO GROUP initiates and supports the development of an international, intersectoral and product-spanning technical solution for traceability.

Work in progress

Following a successful test phase of the traceability solution for fish and meat at MCC in Germany and its subsequent roll-out, we will introduce this solution in other countries at the beginning of 2015. The project will also be expanded to other interested suppliers of selected product categories in 2015.

Measure ongoing