Liquidity (cash flow statement)

METRO GROUP’s liquidity is calculated on the basis of the cash flow statement. The cash flow statement serves to calculate and display the cash flows that METRO GROUP generated or employed in the financial year from operating, investing and financing activities. In addition, it shows the total change in cash and cash equivalents between the beginning and end of the financial year.

Cash inflow from operating activities in financial year 2013/14 amounted to €2,008 million (2012/13: €+2,667 million). Investing activities led to cash outflow of €715 million (2012/13: €+721 million). Compared with the previous year’s period, this represents a decrease in cash flow before financing activities of €2,095 million to €1,293 million. The cash flow from financing activities totalled €1,448 million (2012/13: €–2,814 million).

For more information about divestments, see the cash flow statement in the consolidated financial statements as well as the notes to the consolidated financial statements in no. 41 Notes to the cash flow statement.

Cash flow statement1

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€ million

9M 2013

12M 2012/13

12M 2013/14


Abridged version. The complete version is shown in the consolidated financial statements.

Cash flow from operating activities




Cash flow from investing activities




Cash flow before financing activities




Cash flow from financing activities




Total cash flows




Currency effects on cash and cash equivalents




Total change in cash and cash equivalents