Recruiting employees

In the competition for the most highly skilled employees and executives, we take steps to polish our image among potential applicants. Our initial training and trainee programmes give young people the opportunity to join METRO GROUP.

Initial training at METRO GROUP

With a vocational training rate – including interns and students – of 7.7 per cent (2012/13: 7.8 per cent), we are one of Germany’s largest training providers. We also provide young people an opportunity to enter the world of retail in other countries where our sales lines do business. During the reporting period, our company had a total of 9,109 trainees around the world (2012/13: 9,262). This represented a decline of 1.7 per cent.

In Germany, we hired 2,247 new trainees during the reporting period. The total number of our trainees during the reporting period was 6,745 (2012/13: 6,917). This was a 2.5 per cent decline from the same period of the previous year. We focus on needs-based training with the aim of hiring a large number of trainees at the end of the programme. Together with our Group Works Council, we defined this objective in a group works agreement governing the hiring of trainees that was completed during the past financial year. In this agreement, management and the Group Works Council agreed that trainees who complete the programme with a positive aptitude assessment will generally be hired for permanent, full-time positions. The individual companies of METRO GROUP defined their own specific requirements and possible exceptions. In the reporting period, 60.4 per cent (2012/13: 61.4 per cent) of trainees who completed the programme subsequently received an employment contract. We also profit from the good performance of our young staff: after all, 95.0 per cent (2012/13: 94.9 per cent) successfully completed their training programme in the reporting period. In July 2014, five trainees at Media-Saturn even received the Bavarian State Prize for outstanding performance.

In addition to traditional training content, we also teach our young employees how to quickly take on responsibility and become involved in social causes. One such activity is the “Zu schade für die Tonne” (Too good for the trash) project initiated by our Real sales line. In more than 30 hypermarkets, trainees conducted a campaign to reduce food waste. Trainees at the Real store in Iserlohn launched a Mother’s Day campaign as well as an 18-day customer rally to raise awareness for fair-trade products. Their creativity and efforts earned them third place in the “FABI – Deutschlands fairste Azubis” (FABI - Germany’s fairest trainees) competition conducted by the non-profit organisation TransFair.

In addition to dual vocational training, we offer young people the opportunity to attend a dual course of study with practical modules. During the 2013/14 reporting period, 295 students in Germany were enrolled in nine degree programmes.

METRO Potentials

After conducting assessment centres in the summer of 2014, METRO Cash & Carry launched the METRO Potentials programme in all 28 countries where the sales line does business in October 2014. The programme targets the best university graduates and young professionals worldwide who have two to three years of career experience at METRO Cash & Carry or other companies. Its aim is to develop a sufficient supply of future managers and executives. During the two-year trainee programme, participants broaden their knowledge in various hands-on projects. They are also coached by their local mentor, a member of the responsible country management. Trainees complete various stations in their own country and abroad as well as at headquarters in Düsseldorf. After completing the programme, they are able to assume a management position, such as store manager. But the career path can go far beyond that, up to a position in country management.

Employer brand and personnel marketing

To enhance our profile among job applicants, we have partnered at the central level with universities and organisations such as the international student association Enactus. By contributing funds and ideas, we play a role in the scholarship programme AccountingTalents at the University of Münster, which recognises outstanding work performed by students in the areas of accounting and controlling. METRO GROUP promotes dialogue with students and graduates through the career network “careerloft”. Through this programme, we support members in finding internships and offer exclusive events organised in conjunction with our sales lines.

In 2013, METRO GROUP created a company profile in the XING social network. The page’s 2,244 subscribers (2012/13: 1,418) are continuously informed about group news and job openings.

Our sales lines also conduct their own personnel marketing measures. One example are the career information events that Real offers at schools. The hypermarkets also take part in national campaign days such as Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day: in the 2013/14 reporting period, about 400 young people took a look behind the scenes at the company for an entire day and learned about various training opportunities. To recruit young people, Real also takes advantage of a number of other channels. These include broadcasting national radio commercials in Germany, providing information about training on own-brand products and adding content to the sales line’s Facebook page.

During the reporting period, Media-Saturn also participated in Girls’ Day once again. The group of companies provided information in particular about the technical jobs available in information technology (IT). In February 2014, the sales line’s IT company promoted itself as an employer at the CeBIT computer expo in Hanover. In March 2014, the Saturn sales brand launched a new personnel marketing campaign called “Meine Welt. Mein Beruf.” (My world. My career.): in it, Saturn employees tell their stories. The campaign comprises such communication media as a new career website, flyers and posters, and supports the consumer electronics store in its search for staff.

At Galeria Kaufhof, recruiting activities focus on the needs of individual target groups and regions. In the Munich area, for instance, a movie ad was developed with the aim of piquing the interest of younger target groups in retail training positions. In addition, the microsite, which was launched in July 2014, is aimed especially at applicants who are interested in new technology, multichannel marketing and online shopping. It is intended to raise this Internet-savvy group’s awareness of Galeria Kaufhof as a modern employer.

During the reporting period, our biggest sales line, METRO Cash & Carry, developed a uniform international employer brand for the first time in its 50-year history. The brand is based on the wholesaler’s new brand positioning and is also being creatively implemented as part of the YOU & METRO claim. By taking this approach, METRO Cash & Carry is boosting its image as an employer and can ensure a uniform image with consistent messages worldwide. Employees of the company are at the heart of the campaign. They explain what features distinguish METRO Cash & Carry as an employer, what kind of people the sales line is looking for, what it expects of employees and what it offers in return. A total of more than 30 advertising images as well as an image film were created.

Employer of choice

Independent rankings confirm the appeal of METRO GROUP as an employer in Germany and abroad. For instance, MAKRO Cash & Carry Belgium and MAKRO Cash & Carry Spain were once again named Top Employers during the reporting period, while METRO Cash & Carry Italy earned the honour for the first time. MAKRO Cash & Carry Spain was also awarded the Great Place to Work seal. METRO Cash & Carry India is one of its country’s best employers, according to the study India’s Best Companies to Work For 2014. The Galeria Kaufhof sales line also demonstrated its attractiveness by being recognised with the distinction Top Employer.

Media-Saturn’s Italian subsidiary was named Top Employer Italy 2014 for the second time after earning the title for the first time in 2013. It also earned tenth place in the 2014 Great Place to Work competition. In addition, Media-Saturn’s Ingolstadt location was given the distinction Fair Company by the online portal