Occupational safety and health management

METRO GROUP places high priority on ensuring fair working conditions for all employees. Occupational safety and health management are fundamental to this effort. In a personnel-intensive industry like retail, prevention, safety and health are essential – and we take action accordingly within clear and efficient structures. A specific organisational structure for occupational health and safety (OHS) has been defined for all METRO Cash & Carry countries, to be achieved through such measures as the designation of an Occupational Health and Safety Officer. The countries are working on implementation. The principle of acting as locally as possible is retained here. METRO AG initiates OHS projects that are of interest across multiple companies and countries. For example, an SAP system developed by Real that documents workplace accidents was adapted for international use. This system facilitates the identification of the primary causes of accidents and possible training needs. During the reporting period, the system was introduced in twelve countries where METRO Cash & Carry does business. In all other countries that use SAP, implementation is in progress.

At the national level, a decline in accidents was recorded during the reporting period compared with the same period of the previous year. The 1,000-person rate for METRO GROUP companies in Germany was 23.45 for financial year 2013/14. This figure shows the relative frequency of accidents per 1,000 full-time equivalents. In total, 2,177 accidents were reported.

In the operating business and under the leadership of the Global Store Sales department, which is responsible for delivery service and store solutions, the OHS organisation of METRO AG is assisting in the development of a pioneering new cashier desk model for METRO Cash & Carry wholesale stores. It combines productivity and customer orientation with ergonomic aspects. Specific strains on employees have been considered during development. The model is currently being tested in selected countries.

METRO GROUP has launched a range of projects to assess the risks of psychological stress in the working world: Real is working with the Dresden University of Technology and the trade and logistics guild Berufsgenossenschaft Handel und Warendistribution to develop the “Gesunde Arbeit im Handel” (Healthy work in retail) project. The pilot phase is currently under way.

MIB METRO GROUP Insurance Broker GmbH carried out a risk assessment regarding psychological stress using the simplified psychological stress method for its employees at the Düsseldorf location. The results offer a good working basis with an initial step that defines possible fields of action. MIB shared the results of its risk assessment with the other group companies in order to offer them access to possible solutions.

Stress prevention continues to be a focus at Galeria Kaufhof. Managers play a key role when it comes to creating a good working climate as well as maintaining performance and motivation up to retirement age. For this reason, the company offers managerial seminars on such subjects as “Gesundes Führen” (Healthy management).

Another objective of METRO GROUP in the context of occupational safety and health management activities is to address the growing demands of the working world and demographic trends. In this context, METRO Cash & Carry Germany and the German Sport University Cologne are working on a project called “Gestaltung von alter(n)sgerechten Arbeitsplätzen” (Designing age-appropriate workplaces). As part of this project, the workplaces in the Incoming Goods department were analysed and fields of action defined. Seven stores are currently undergoing a six-week intervention phase in which the implementation of defined recommendations is being tested.

Other examples of OHS initiatives can be found in many countries of the METRO GROUP, including France, where a survey regarding the psychological stress of employees was conducted. The results will be incorporated into management training. An external psychological emergency team was established. Prevention guidelines that consider individual physical risks are being prepared for each job and each store.