Media-Saturn: sector development
in consumer electronics retailing

The Media-Saturn group of companies maintained its leading position among consumer electronics stores in Europe during financial year 2013/14 and further increased its market share. The sales line is focusing in particular on generating growth via multichannel sales and so-called online pure play concepts.

Following a weak Christmas quarter, the German consumer electronics retailing segment gained significant momentum from January onwards, growing more than 3 per cent during the reporting period. As expected, major sports events such as the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup had a positive impact, in particular on the entertainment electronics product groups TV and audio.

The economic upswing in the overall economy in the first half of the reporting period fuelled growth for IT product groups. However, this momentum was stronger in the business-to-business segment and thus of less relevance to the speciality centre segment.

In Southern Europe, sales generated by the consumer electronics stores remained non-uniform. In particular, the Iberian countries, whose economies were under pressure for a long period of time, returned to a growth path in the past financial year. Greece has almost been able to halt its downward spiral, while Italy is still grappling with significant market contractions.

The situation in Eastern Europe is also varied: while Hungary has enjoyed continuous double-digit growth rates for months now, electronics stores in Russia and Poland are currently down approximately 2 per cent and 1 per cent, respectively.

In comparison, Turkey benefited from the current instability in neighbouring countries and generated double-digit growth rates.

The other, more saturated markets in Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland contracted slightly, while the market in Sweden generated slight growth.