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Land area

312,679 km2

38.5 million

Polish zloty [PLN]

With a land area of about 313,000 square kilometres, Poland is the sixth-largest country in the European Union. Its population of about 38.5 million represents the third-largest consumer market in Eastern Europe. The Polish economy has undergone a remarkable development since its transition to democracy. The government is continuing to pursue a course of liberalisation and deregulation, which includes the privatisation of government companies. This now makes the country a major sales market and manufacturing site for foreign businesses. In recent years, Poland has consistently registered positive growth.

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Justyna Kuźma’s great passion is watching and photographing birds. Her sharp eye and close attention to detail are also qualities that she uses every day in her job in the marketing department at the head office of MAKRO Cash & Carry Poland in Warsaw.

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Justyna Kuźmas (Foto)
Justyna Kuźma shooting on the Kasprowy Wierch (Foto)