Our sustainability vision

METRO GOUP, we offer quality of life (graphic)

Sustainability is an integral part of our business. Our goal is to identify answers to global social challenges and to actively contribute to the development of sustainable solutions. In this way, we create added value for our customers and other stakeholder groups, make an important contribution to risk management and ensure our own future as a company.

To provide our understanding of sustainability with a sound basis, representatives from the sales lines, the service companies and METRO AG have jointly developed a Group-wide sustainability vision. It offers answers to the question as to what we, as a company, hope to achieve in terms of sustainability. At the same time, the vision provides our employees with a framework and starting point for their own efforts and thoughts regarding the subject. In our communications with the Group’s various stakeholders and in its public relations work, the vision helps to define our sustainability profile and clarify the METRO GROUP stance. Our vision statement is:

We offer quality of life.

    by providing them with safe quality products and services where they live, around the world, constantly improving our processes. And with products that are made, processed and recycled in a socially responsible, environmentally sound, resource-conserving manner. This lets us secure our future.
    by at all times respecting, protecting and helping them grow professionally, and by building trusted relationships with them. This lets us create an attractive working environment.
    by doing business fairly and responsibly and providing good living and working conditions. This lets us demonstrate responsibility in the supply chain.
    by protecting the environment, conserving natural resources and minimising our effect on the climate. This lets us help ensure a sound footing for the retailing of tomorrow.

The vision defines the direction in which our sustainability commitment must develop and is the basis for our strategic alignment. Our sustainability aims, as well as the related measures and projects, all contribute towards the realisation of our vision over the long term. This holistic approach helps to integrate the vision into our core business – via sales line-specific strategies and on into our operating business.

The strategic alignment that derives from our vision is reflected in our fields of action and can be sketched as follows.

We offer quality of life (graphic)