Five entrepreneurs – one goal

Within METRO GROUP each sales line is implementing sustainability in its own specific way under the auspices of the common sustainability vision. This is the best way to satisfy operational business requirements and to get people to identify with the topic. As representatives of their companies, the sales lines’ individual CEOs explain what this involves in concrete terms.


Frans W. H. Muller, CEO of METRO Cash & Carry (photo)

CEO of METRO Cash & Carry

“In order to offer our customers real added value in the long run, as a leading international player in self-service wholesale we are actively driving forward the strategic realignment of METRO Cash & Carry. This entails not only improving our operating business but also achieving a fundamental shift in our corporate culture. In this respect, each and every employee has the opportunity to initiate change in their everyday decisions. We can contribute to solving not only business but also global challenges by taking sustainability into account in our core line of business and by acting responsibly. In terms of protecting resources, for example, we do everything we can to maintain the oceans as an ecosystem and as a source of food. We also use optimised processes and supplier training to prevent food waste. And compliance with social standards in the supply chain is an integral part of our procurement processes. Also, we achieve measurable results in the reduction of our energy consumption by means of, for example, our Energy Awareness Programme.”


Didier Fleury, CEO of Real (photo)

CEO of Real

“Every day more than 40,000 employees are committed to serving our customers in our 312 hypermarkets across Germany. Our strengths include top quality, excellent service, unsurpassed freshness and outstanding value for money. The topic of sustainability is becoming ever more important to us along the entire supply chain. In concrete terms this means that the products we provide are manufactured according to socially and environmentally sound principles, allowing our customers to enjoy and consume them with a clear conscience. We also treat resources such as paper and water carefully and are involved in charity projects. And so we are actively doing our bit to conserve the livelihoods of this and future generations.”


Horst Norberg, CEO of Media-Saturn (photo)

CEO of Media-Saturn

“Only companies that plan ahead and work efficiently make it to the very top of European consumer electronics retailing. Companies like us. Efficiency drives not only our working processes but also how we handle resources. For that reason, we launched a Company-wide energy-saving programme in 2009, since which time we have installed smart metering systems in our stores. In future we want to promote sustainability as an even more integral component of our activities. Every day we relish the challenge of acknowledging sustainable principles in our decisions and in our business processes and relationships so that we can turn them into concrete acts. That way we lead by example.”


Lovro Mandac, CEO of Galeria Kaufhof (photo)

CEO of Galeria Kaufhof

“Our customers expect us to make it easier for them to do good not only for themselves but also for other people and the environment. That’s why we have again raised the requirements on the quality and manufacturing conditions of our own brands. We are expanding our range of the products manufactured in a particularly environment-friendly and socially compatible manner, especially in those product groups where customers increasingly demand them. For ease of identification, we put our ‘natürlich GALERIA’ (naturally GALERIA) label on those articles. We step up to the demographic challenges by making shopping more pleasant and barrier-free for everyone. Three-quarters of our outlets in Germany are already very generation-friendly. This also sets the course for our future success.”


Jean-Christophe Bretxa, CEO of METRO PROPERTIES (photo)


“As the real estate entity of METRO GROUP, METRO PROPERTIES is mandated to build, equip, repair and maintain the sites operated by the sales lines worldwide. We are fully aware of our responsibility towards future generations: if we want to offer quality of life, our stores have to be designed, developed and managed on the grounds of preserving natural resources and ecosystems. Therefore, we choose our sites with great care, challenging each square metre regarding the aspect of land use. In the selection of the material, we take the embodied energy into account. Water and energy efficiency as well as responsible waste management are ingrained in our Company. Even the possible future use of the premises is assessed beforehand by our real estate experts. Being one integrated entity with a comprehensive mandate gives us a significant advantage: we take control of the full life cycle of our buildings and therefore can actively minimise their environmental impact.”