Supply chain and products

Supply chain and products (graphic)


Safeguarding quality – creating transparency (graphic)


Our core business is providing private and commercial customers around the world with high-quality, safe products. Further, an increasing proportion of our product range is produced, processed, distributed and utilised in a way that conserves resources and is socially responsible. As a retail and wholesale company that operates sustainably, we acknowledge our responsibility along the entire supply chain – starting with our handling of raw materials and the selection of agricultural growers and producers through transport, storage and distribution right up to the consumer. One thing that is important for us is to keep losses of raw materials and food to a minimum at all stages of the supply chain.

Our supply chain and product management implements measures that create transparency across the entire supply chain, generating added value for our customers. We want to offer safe, high-quality products and reliable services. At the same time, our mission is to ensure traceability in the use of resources and the procurement of goods.

In the Supply Chain and Products field of action we concentrate in particular on safeguarding socially responsible working conditions at our suppliers. A further focus is the responsible handling of raw materials such as paper, wood and palm oil as well as the world’s fish stocks and food. By devising and implementing guidelines for sustainable purchasing and also monitoring compliance with social and quality standards, we strengthen our procurement channels and contribute to improving the quality and sustainability of our products.