Social policies and stakeholder dialogue

Social policies and stakeholder dialogue (graphic)


Seeking interaction – networking with partners (graphic)


Global challenges such as demographic change, conserving natural resources, safeguarding the world’s food supply and sustainable consumption need ideas and proposed solutions from a range of social actors. One of these is METRO GROUP. The Company is not only an employer, buyer and supplier of goods and services but also a partner within the economic and sociopolitical discourse.

As a part of wider society we see how we can apply our commitment, expertise and experience in a number of fields of action. This includes in particular collaboration with partners and dialogue with customers, experts and stakeholders. Our aim is to establish a transparent interaction with our stakeholder groups at the interface between producers and consumers and to take responsibility as a good corporate citizen.

Against this background we focus on 3 key areas in the field of social policies and stakeholder dialogue: compliance with codes of conduct and management principles, regular communication and reporting on social topics as well as charitable commitment in the form of donations and sponsoring activities that are a good fit with our core business in terms of their subject matter. In this way, we contribute to finding answers to big social challenges and improving the local quality of life of people around the world.