Energy and resource management

Energy and resource management (graphic)


Reducing emissions – conserving resources (graphic)


To ensure that we can successfully operate our core business and meet our customers’ requirements we need to utilise energy and natural resources – now and in the future. But neither are unlimited in their availability. This means costs for our Company and also an impact on both the environment and our climate.

As a retail and wholesale company, we accept responsibility for protecting the climate and resources for those segments of the supply chain in which we can exert a direct influence: from warehousing, refrigeration of products and transport to operation of our stores and administrative sites across the world. To achieve this, we are pursuing 2 key goals: firstly, we intend to reduce climate-related emissions throughout our commercial operations. Thus, by 2020 we aim to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions per square metre of selling space to a level 20 percent lower than in 2011. And secondly, we intend to reduce our consumption of resources.

To achieve both of these goals, we are concentrating – in the area of energy – on making ourselves more energy-efficient. The basis for this approach is a systematic energy data management, which allows us to identify efficiency potential and optimise our energy usage. As far as resource management is concerned, we are looking to reduce our reliance on paper as well as cut down on emissions caused by the use of refrigerants. In this way, we will not only be making a valuable contribution to climate and environmental protection but also reducing our operational expenses.