Employees and social affairs

Employees and social affairs (graphic)


Promoting value orientation – reinforcing willingness to perform (graphic)


A dwindling population, rising average age, increasing migration – demographic developments pose major challenges for the global economy and social systems. Our world of work is also undergoing dramatic changes: the age structure of our staff and the composition of our teams are changing, and the competition for specialists and managers will become even fiercer over the coming years. In order to generate enthusiasm for our Company among employees and motivate them in the long term, we need to offer them opportunities for development and an attractive working environment. It is also important for us to promote diversity amongst our employees. Against this background, flexible working models are becoming increasingly relevant.

Our employees make an essential contribution to the success of METRO GROUP. For us this means a high level of social responsibility, which we approach with forward-looking Human Resource policies and mutual trust in our interactions with one another. By increasing our attractiveness as an employer, we invest in the future of our Company. The objective of our HR management is to promote and reinforce employees’ satisfaction, willingness to perform and value orientation. By doing so, we create the prerequisites for our success today and in the future.

With this objective in mind we consistently support the further development of our employees. Central issues in this context are for instance management culture, entrepreneurial responsibility, customer orientation and awareness of sustainability. Through our active demographics and diversity management we reinforce the diversity in our teams and create a safe and positive working environment in which professional and family interests can be reconciled. International working standards and criteria as well as the values and principles of METRO GROUP and its sales lines form the strategic pillars.