Strategic positioning of METRO GROUP


METRO GROUP, based in Düsseldorf, is a leading international retail and wholesale company. In terms of sales, we are the fourth-largest retail and wholesale company worldwide and one of the world’s 100 largest corporations. Our operating business involves self-service wholesale trade, hypermarkets, consumer electronics stores, department stores and online trade. The Company’s 4 sales lines represent a unique range of products and services for private and professional customers:

  • METRO Cash & Carry is the leading international player in self-service wholesale trade.
  • Real is one of the leading hypermarket companies in Germany.
  • Media-Saturn is No. 1 among consumer electronics stores in Europe.
  • Galeria Kaufhof is one of Europe’s leading department store operators.

Our 4 sales lines conduct their business activities autonomously in the marketplace. In the process, they continuously tap new sales channels in order to establish long-term relationships with existing customers and to reach new target groups. Within this context, multichannel marketing is becoming more and more important. In consequence, our sales lines are increasingly dovetailing their stationary business with online retailing. In addition, Media-Saturn offers mail-order retail on the Internet.

METRO GROUP does business at 2,243 sites in 32 countries across Europe, Asia and Africa. We have bundled our attract­ive retail real estate portfolio and relevant activities into METRO PROPERTIES. It offers real-estate-related services from a single source within our Company. This allows the sales lines to concentrate more closely on their core business.

Around the world, 278,811 people are employed by our Company. They passionately work to optimally fulfil the expectations of our customers. At the same time, the sales lines are constantly refining their formats and adapting them to meet the changing shopping habits of consumers and professional customers. The objective: to win over our customers day in and day out and offer real added value – in our stores, in our online shops and in our customers’ homes and businesses. In all sales lines, we take account of specific local requirements and closely identify areas in which we can sharpen our performance profile to enhance customer satisfaction.

As an international retailer, we have considerable strength. This strength benefits not only our customers, but also all people in the places we do business. After all, we create growth momentum for the regional economy and play a role in improving the quality of life in these areas. In one reflection of this, our stores secure local supply and create jobs. By forming and expanding supplier relationships, we can establish inter­national standards in such areas as quality assurance and food hygiene. As a result, we create conditions that are vital to the further development of a region and the improvement of living conditions there.

“METRO GROUP. We offer quality of life.” is the guiding principle of our vision for sustainability. Our business activities unite economic, environmental and social principles for the benefit of our customers, our employees, all people who work for us along the supply chain, society as a whole – and our investors.

Focus on added customer value

The objective of our strategy is improving like-for-like sales and ensuring sustained positive earnings development. The foundation of this effort is formed by the 5 focal points Transform, Grow, Improve, Expand and Innovate. They describe our business philosophy and lend a shared direction to our Company across all sales lines and companies: creating added value for our customers.

METRO GROUP’s 5 strategic focal points are discussed in more detail in chapter “Strategic focal points”.

Additional information about METRO GROUP’s sustainability management can be found in chapter “Sustainability management” as well as in our sustainability report.