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METRO GROUP Annual Report 2012

335 pages

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We’re creating customer value

64 pages

5.5 MB


14 pages

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6 pages

350 kB


228 pages

3.3 MB

Report of the Supervisory Board

10 pages

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Corporate Governance Report

5 pages

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Group management report

88 pages

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Consolidated financial statements

6 pages

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116 pages

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14 pages

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All tables (132) of the Annual Report (indexed)


1 MB

METRO GROUP in figures


21 kB

Portfolio of locations by country and segment


21 kB

Development of gross domestic product in key global regions and Germany


15 kB

Development of gross domestic product in METRO GROUP countries


17 kB

Development of Group sales by sales line and region


17 kB

Development of Group EBITDA/EBIT and EBITDA/EBIT of the sales lines


16 kB

Key figures METRO Cash & Carry in year-on-year comparison


18 kB

Key figures Real in year-on-year comparison


17 kB

Key figures Media-Saturn in year-on-year comparison


17 kB

Key figures Galeria Kaufhof in year-on-year comparison


17 kB

Income statement (HGB)


16 kB

Balance sheet (HGB)


18 kB

Goals: Company


27 kB

Goals: supply chain and products


33 kB

Goals: energy and resource management


38 kB

Goals: employees and social affairs


33 kB

Goals: social policies and stakeholder dialogue


29 kB

Income statement


18 kB

Net profit for the period


17 kB

Balance sheet


20 kB

Statement of changes in equity


18 kB

Cash flow statement


20 kB

Operating segments


19 kB

Regional segments


20 kB

Multi-year overview of continuing operations


22 kB