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Shopper insights (graphic)

Targeted and tailored: Shopper Insights

The retail business is all about putting together a range of prod­ucts and services that meet customers’ needs. To do so, retailers need a precise understanding of their customers. Working with the manufacturers of consumer goods, our Real sales line uses Shopper Insights for this very purpose: detailed analysis of actual shopping behaviour. In 2009, Real identified 10 core target groups in its effort to understand its customers. These groups include “conservative & demanding”, “budget” and “traditional hoarders”. Real pools these qualitative findings with anonymous quantitative data from the Payback loyalty programme and from shopping receipts. The result is a precise picture of which customer groups prefer which products, how loyal they are to these products and how many customers buy specific items. Real then uses the information to hone its concepts, assortments, advertising and prices on the market level. In the process, it sharpens its focus on the customer. Armed with these findings, our sales line optimised the cat­egory “wash, polish and clean”. The result: sales in this product group jumped by 5 percent within 3 months.