Customer Value

Our customers' needs are changing, and we need to change with them. To succeed, we must answer a number of questions: Who are our customers? What are their needs? And what types of services do they expect us to provide? We are continuously improving our business model on the basis of the answers to these questions. We systematically implement the measures that we think will generate the greatest added value for customers. Sometimes, this means breaking with old habits.

Intense focus on customers’ expectations

METRO Cash & Carry is the name of METRO GROUP’s largest sales line. Its name refers to the business model: cash & carry. Here, professional customers can select, pay for and take away all of their purchases during a trip to one single wholesale store. Our sales line has popularised the cash & carry principle in many European, Asian and African countries. In the process, it has become the international market leader in the self-service wholesale trade.

But past success should not be confused with future success. After all, the needs of professional customers – including restaurants, catering companies, hotels, small independent retailers and service providers – are in constant flux. Today, these customers expect METRO Cash & Carry to offer not only products but also solutions that they can use in their daily business operations. Our job is to identify these expectations and to come up with an appropriate solution.

In the case of the l’Arrivée hotel, this involves streamlining procurement and saving time in the process. When sous-chef Julian Scheibel needs to stock his kitchen, he does not have to drive to a wholesale store. Instead, he just places his order by telephone, and METRO Cash & Carry delivers the goods the very next day. This service saves time and helps avoid car trips.

Our sales line introduced the delivery service in Germany in 2009. Doing so was a significant improvement to its business model. Today, numerous customers in 29 countries put their trust in the sales line’s products and services. In 2012, METRO Cash & Carry’s delivery service generated sales of €2.2 billion, or 7 percent of total sales.