Customer Value

As a company, we intend to remain relevant to our customers. In commercial terms, we are committed to generating long-term returns, not short-range profit maximisation. To strengthen the foundation of our future business activities and minimize risk, we are dedicated to environmental protection and resource conservation as well as social improvements.

Acting sustainably

Most customers have clear expectations for their retailers: a wide range of attractive products and services, skilled and friendly employees as well as reasonable prices. More and more private and professional customers expect – consciously or unconsciously – companies to assume additional responsibility, that is, to act in a socially and environmentally conscious manner.

We live up to the expectations of our customers, staff, partners and investors by systematically pursuing our efforts to transform ourselves into a sustainable company. We keep the big picture in mind: we offer quality of life – to our customers, our employees, the people who work for us and society. We have set ambitious goals in these areas. To fight climate change, we will reduce our emissions of specific greenhouse gases per square metre selling space by 20 percent by the year 2020, compared with 2011 figures. This will protect the environment – and save us money by cutting our consumption of resources. Using our Group-wide energy management system, we can precisely measure our progress and develop the right efficiency-enhancing steps for each location.

This example clearly makes one point: sustainable business practices are directly linked to specific commercial benefits. This could mean optimised processes as well as improved ranges of products and services. In taking this approach, we create new opportunities for future growth.