Customer Value

Innovations are the foundation of tomorrow's business models. We anticipate trends, exploit new technological developments and generate our own momentum for added customer value. This approach enables us to continnously improve METRO GROUP and thus guarantee the Company's long-term success.

Innovations for the customer

Demographic change, digital life, mobile business – the impact that megatrends like these have on the shopping behaviour of our customers will continue to increase in the future. The speed of innovation cycles is picking up. To keep up with these developments, we must continuously fine-tune our concepts. A strong commitment to innovation is a precondition for the retail business of tomorrow.

For us as a retail and wholesale company, being innovative has very little to do with conducting research on new technologies and processes. Rather, we focus on monitoring the latest developments – including those outside the retail business – identifying the best ideas, evaluating their potential and exploiting their benefits. This can include new technologies or concepts that make customers like Dennis Rother from the l’Arrivée hotel more successful. For this reason, it isvital for us to compare the trends with our knowledge of customers. We also view efforts to streamline work processes as innovations. Such efforts can facilitate consistently high product quality at lower costs.

Our innovation management is fuelled by intensive dialogue within our own Company – and by collaboration with external networks.