Customer Value

As a retail and wholesale company that is focusing on the future, we have to provide our customers with both options: online and bricks-and-mortar shopping. Our strength is our ability to closely dovetail our channels in order to bring together the best of both worlds: comfort, variety and an enjoyable shopping experience. The precondition is to have a dynamic organisation that is capable of stabilitising revenues and increasing cash flow. This gives us the financial freedom to make additional investments in improved serrvices and competitive prices.

Dovetailed sales for more comfort

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular. In Germany alone, retailers generated about €27.6 billion in sales with their online stores in 2012, according to the German E-Commerce and Distance Selling Trade Association (bvh). This means that online and mail-order sales amounted to 9.4 percent of total retail sales. The digital sales channel offers a world of benefits: customers really appreciate the huge selection and the possibility of comparing prices.

Established retailers – and this includes our sales lines – face 2 key challenges in the realm of virtual shopping. They have to recalibrate their concepts and expand them to include e-commerce and mobilecommerce options. Our sales lines focus in particular on closely dovetailing their stationary business with new online offerings. Thanks to this multichannel approach, customers can obtain the desired products and services both from the online shops and in bricks-and-mortar stores. When necessary, they can easily move from one sales channel to another. For instance, a product purchased online can be easily exchanged at a nearby store.

The second challenge faced by retailers is to offer selected products and services at prices that are comparable to those of online shops. That is, without endangering their own margins and commercial futures. For this reason, METRO GROUP continuously improves all processes in the Company and in its partnerships with external partners. We can pass on some of the savings to our customers – as new offerings or lower prices. This enables Media-Saturn, for instance, to build on its position as Europe’s leading consumer electronics retailer and win over not only private consumers but also critical professional customers like Sven Claußmeyer of the l’Arrivée hotel.