Customer Value

We want to provide our customers with ranges of products that they will not find in this form at any other retailer. One example of our commitment is our own-brand products. They sharpen our profile and increase our overall appeal to private and professional customers alike. This generates like-for-like sales growth, and we can increase the productivity of our existing stores.

Attractive services and assortments

Private and professional customers have a number of shopping options available to them today. The range of retail formats extends from speciality stores to full-range online shops. Companies are competing for customers’ business by offering better and better services.

In this marketplace, growth is achieved primarily by retailers who make their product ranges especially attractive and offer added value to customers in the process. For this reason, we make investments that are specifically designed to lower the product prices paid by customers. And that is why all our sales lines create assortments that no other retail and wholesale company offers in this form. Own-brand products play a major role in this effort. These are products that our sales lines have specially made in accordance with their specific requirements – also in terms of social and environmental criteria – and then sell under their own name. In every store and outlet, customers will find own-brand products that provide good quality at reasonable prices. At METRO Cash & Carry, the share of sales generated with these products is 16.7 percent.

Our cash & carry operator has taken a special approach to this work: it has tailored its range of own-brand products to meet the exact needs of its most important customer groups. Horeca Select, for instance, offers everything the professional kitchen needs – from flounder fillets to spatulas. For hotels like the l’Arrivée in Dortmund, METRO Cash & Carry has developed the own brand H-Line: a high-quality assortment of reasonably priced products that will make a guest’s stay as pleasurable as possible.