Customer Value

We also put our business effort to the test internationally. We create added value for the customer wherever we do business and that helps us earn money. Our targeted expansion effort invigorates the local retail landscape and leads to the creation of an attractive range of products and services overall.

Locally successful, internationally active

The dynamic growth markets of Eastern Europe and Asia have done a great deal of catching-up to Western Europe and North America in recent years – also in terms of consumption. Consumer need for all sorts of products and services has increased as purchasing power has grown.

For METRO GROUP, a number of opportunities for sales growth are arising from this development. We already do business in 32 countries and have 2,243 locations. We produce about 62 percent of our sales outside Germany – and this total is trending upwards. Our international position enables us to tap new customer groups in many regions of the world.

To fuel the expansion of our sales lines, we set clear priorities regarding the allocation of our investment budget: we are primarily opening new locations in China, Russia and Turkey because we expect the largest growth there. In 2012, we invested about €290 million in our expansion in these countries and added 33 new stores to our network of locations. As part of our expansion, we are creating modern retail structures in the local area and generating jobs. With the help of our real estate company METRO PROPERTIES, we apply optimised procedures in the planning, the purchase of land as well as the erection and operation of new stores. In doing so, we can effectively put our financial resources to good use.