Goals - Social policies and stakeholder dialogue

Within each of our focused fields of action, we have set specific goals for the continuous improvement of our sustainability efforts – including targeted measures for achieving these goals. The current status of these goals and their associated measures is indicated in the following table.

Degree of goal achievement


not yet started

Measure initiated (graphic)


Measure ongoing (graphic)


Measure concluded (graphic)



 New goal


Goal not yet

Goal reached (graphic)

Goal reached

Goal not reached (graphic)

Goal not

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Field of action: social policies and stakeholder dialogue

















Assumption of corporate social responsibility by donating money and food while reducing food waste.

Increased support for the Tafel and international food bank movement by internally addressing sales countries in an effort to expand or initiate such activities.

The “Care & Share” programme at METRO Cash & Carry was successfully rolled out in 22 countries in 2011 and expanded to 25 countries in 2012; in 2013 it will be expanded to 27 countries.







METRO GROUP conducts dialogue with experts and stakeholders on the subjects of its fields of action.

METRO GROUP representatives will meet with selected experts at least once a year to discuss issues related to global challenges that have been identified as relevant for the Company’s business.

Increase in the number of development or cooperation partnerships.

Regular meetings with development organisations such as UNIDO, GIZ, IDH (Dutch sustainable trade initiative), IFC and KfW and with cooperation partners like Bayer CropScience.

Meetings in 2012:

UNIDO: European Development Days Brussels; UN System Private Sector Focal Points Meeting.

GIZ: regular meetings and exchange as part of DIAE (German Initiative on Agriculture and Nutrition).

IDH: meetings and exchange in order to set up a cooperation on ASC products (Aquaculture Stewardship Council).

IFC: exchange on roll-out of cooperation in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

With almost all partners: exchange and cooperation in the context of WEF (World Economic Forum).

Establishment of 79 customer advisory councils at Real Germany in 2011. Expansion to 154 councils in 2012 and 229 in 2013.

Quarterly meetings of 10 to 15 Real customers from various age groups to discuss the improvement potential of local stores.

In 2012, the number of customer advisory councils already exceeded 220, so this goal is seen as reached.

METRO GROUP promotes customer awareness regarding waste prevention.

In line with the Retail Forum Agreement on Waste: each sales line to conduct awareness-raising campaign with respect to its specific product portfolio by June 2014.

METRO Cash & Carry in Germany is conducting an initiative in collaboration with the German Federal Ministery of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection to educate the consumers about best-before dates.