Overall assessment of the risk situation by the Company’s management

The Management Board, the Supervisory Board and other important bodies of METRO AG are regularly informed about the Company’s risk situation. Overall, the risk-and-opportunities profile of METRO GROUP has improved slightly compared to the previous year, which is largely due to a certain stabilisation of economic parameters. To evaluate the present risk situation, risks were not only examined in isolation: the interdependencies between risks were analysed and rated according to their probability. The assessment has shown that the overall risks are manageable. There are no potentially ruinous risks for the Company and no risks could be identified that could endanger the Company’s future existence. This assessment is mirrored by the ratings of the 2 leading rating agencies: both Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s have awarded METRO GROUP an investment grade rating. The Management Board of METRO AG currently does not expect any fundamental change in the risk situation.

The subject areas indicated in the following chart map METRO GROUP’s overall risk situation.

Overall risk situation of METRO GROUP