Risk report

In its operating activities, METRO GROUP is regularly exposed to risks that can impede the realisation of its short-term ob­jectives or the implementation of long-term strategies. In some cases, we must consciously take controllable risks to be able to exploit opportunities in a targeted manner. We define risks as internal or external events resulting from uncertainty over future developments that can negatively impact the realisation of our corporate objectives. We define opportunities as possible successes that extend beyond the defined objectives and can thus positively impact our business development. We consider risks and opportunities as inextricably linked. For example, risks can emerge from missed or poorly exploited opportun­ities. Conversely, exploiting opportunities in dynamic growth markets always entails risks.

With this in mind, we consider our Company’s risk management as a business management instrument that is geared towards realising our corporate goals. It is a systematic, Group-wide process. It helps the Company’s management to identify, assess and control risks and opportunities. As such, oppor­tun­ity and risk management is a uniform process. Risk management renders unfavourable developments and events transparent at an early stage and analyses their implications. This allows us to put the necessary countermeasures in place. At the same time, it allows us to systematically exploit emerging opportunities. We continually fine-tune our risk management and increasingly integrate it into our monitoring and control systems.