Share-based compensation of executives

Pursuant to the recommendation in Subsection 7.1.3 of the German Corporate Governance Code, the share-based compensation of executives of METRO GROUP will also be reported in the following section.

Performance share plan 2009–2013

The performance share plan 2009–2013 applies not only to the members of the Management Board, but also to other executives of METRO AG as well as to managing directors and executives of METRO GROUP companies. Under this scheme, eligible managers are given an individual target amount for the performance share plan (target value) in accordance with the significance of their responsibilities. The additional rules of this plan correspond to provisions for the Management Board.

With the performance share plan, the share ownership guidelines were also applied to this group of eligible individuals. The required investment volume generally amounts to about 50 percent of the individual target value.

The value of the performance shares allotted in 2012 amounted to a total €26.8 million (previous year: €18.0 million) at the time of allotment and was calculated by external experts using recognised financial-mathematical methods (Monte Carlo simulation). The following conditions apply:

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Performance Share Plan (tranches 2009 – 2012)






End of the blocking period

3-month average price before allotment

Number of Management Board performance shares as of 31/12/2012


August 2012




August 2013




August 2014




April 2015



The blocking period for the 2009 tranche ended in August 2012. No payouts were made in the financial year 2012.