Diversity and inclusion

METRO GROUP is one of the leading international retail and wholesale companies. Our employees are just as diverse as our customers, stores and suppliers are. During the reporting year, people from 175 countries worked for METRO GROUP. In management levels 1 through 3 – that is, Management Board/ General Management, divisional management, main departmental or departmental management and store management – managers from 58 countries work for our Company. The average age of our workforce was 37.9 (previous year: 37.9). At the same time, we also open the way for older employees to join the working world. In 2012, METRO GROUP hired 774 employees in the over‑50s age group in Germany. Inter­nationally, the total was 1,015 employees. The share of members of the workforce who are 50 years old or older totalled 18.1 percent (previous year: 17.5 percent). In Germany, they made up 31.8 percent of the workforce (previous year: 30.3 percent). During the reporting year, we also employed 5,832 people with recognised severe disabilities or the equivalent in Germany. Our company also works to support the long-term provision of training positions for people with disabilities: in one reflection of this effort, our sales lines began in 2007 to promote the project Integrated Training with Vocational Education Centres organised by the German Association of Vocational Education Centres. This program makes it possible for young people with disabilities to receive occupational training.

METRO GROUP is clearly committed to the goal of further increasing the diversity of the Company’s workforce. As early as 2007, we signed the so-called “Charta of Diversity” – one of Germany’s most widely supported initiatives on this issue with 1,300 backers. In the reporting year, we also joined the associ­ation that goes by the same name. As a project supporter, we intend to further integrate active diversity management – that is, the promotion of diversity within the Company – into the work world.

Equal opportunity on the job

As part of our diversity management, we promote the equal professional opportunities of men and women. Together with other listed German companies, METRO GROUP has made a voluntary pledge to increase the number of women in manage­ment levels 1 through 3. We aim to reach a share of 20 percent by the end of 2013. The share of women in management pos­itions is to reach 25 percent by the end of 2015. We will keep these goals in mind while recruiting and in succession planning.

The share of women in the entire workforce was 55.3 percent in 2012 (previous year: 55.6 percent). In management positions in the levels 1 through 3, 19.7 percent of managers were female (previous year: 19.2 percent). The share of women in management positions is particularly high outside Germany. Inter­nationally, 24.1 percent of managers are female.

In the reporting year, 2 employee initiatives focusing on the issues of “women” and “gender” – that is, social or psycho­logical gender roles – were launched. The initiatives help to publicise the commitment of our employees to furthering the cause of diversity. They also help female managers to create and expand their professional and personal networks. METRO GROUP welcomes these initiatives and is interested in seeing the creation of other employee networks committed to the issue of diversity management.

Work-life balance

To make METRO GROUP more diverse, programmes to improve the work-life balance are essential.

Our Group headquarters in Düsseldorf opened its third child-care centre for employees in February 2012. The headquarters now has 238 full-time slots for children ranging from 4 months old to the age when they enter primary school. One special feature of “METRO-Sternchen” is its bilingual concept: The staff speak German and English to the children. In 2012, we also offered a holiday childcare programme at our company headquarters. More than 173 children of employees took part.

The share of part-time employees at METRO GROUP dipped to 27.5 percent in 2012 (previous year: 28.2 percent). In Germany, 44.5 percent of our staff works part time (previous year: 44.3 percent).