Changing corporate cultures

In its strategy, METRO GROUP has set the goal of markedly raising added value for its customers. To this end, 5 focal topics form the foundation of this effort: transform, grow, improve, expand and innovate. The redirection of our business requires that our employees know, grasp and support the strategy. Furthermore, they must be given an opportunity to put this strategy into practice. To facilitate this, the corporate cultures in the sales lines must be adjusted.

The pacesetter in this effort is METRO Cash & Carry, the largest sales line at METRO GROUP. During conferences held in 2012, members of the Company’s management drew up new guidelines for all employees and managers. They are:

  • Customer orientation
  • Global entrepreneurship
  • Success through exceptional work
  • Trust in our employees
  • Authentic leadership
  • Sustainability

During the reporting year, we began to integrate these guidelines into our professional development efforts for executives as a way of effectively supporting the Company’s new direction.

In the mid-term, METRO Cash & Carry intends to incorporate all employees in the process – beginning with executives in management levels 1 through 3 and extending to employees in stores and administrative positions. For this purpose, the sales line is organising working groups that are exploring the issue of “managing for more growth”. In these groups, participants are learning how to specifically apply the new guidelines to their everyday positions, among other things. The working groups are also designed to further promote the change in corporate culture – with the aim of creating a transparent company that is open to change. In the reporting year, more than 2,600 employees from 22 countries as well as 3,250 executives from 23 countries took part in the working groups.

Additional information about METRO GROUP’s strategy is available in chapter "METRO GROUP". The strategic direction of METRO Cash & Carry is discussed in chapter "METRO Cash & Carry".