METRO Cash & Carry: developments in the cash & carry business

In terms of sales and internationalisation, the METRO Cash & Carry sales line remains the leading international player in self-service wholesale.

In 2012, sales generated by the cash & carry segment in Germany were well below their previous year’s level. Overall, the cash & carry segment performed worse than food retailing did. METRO Cash & Carry remains clearly leading in the cash & carry segment in Germany. Nonetheless, the sales line’s market share continued to fall there during 2012.

In Western Europe, sales generated by the cash & carry segment finished in 2012 at roughly the same level of the previous year. The performance of the cash & carry segment varied widely from country to country. In particular, sales dropped in the eurozone’s crisis countries as they bore the brunt of weak economic conditions. Compared with modern food retailing, the cash & carry business generated weak results.

In Eastern Europe, sales generated by the cash & carry segment continued to rise. Once again, positive price effects fuelled growth. As a result of contrasting economic conditions, sales results in the region varied: the cash & carry segment produced good sales results in such countries as Russia, Turkey and Ukraine thanks to favourable macroeconomic conditions. By contrast, sales in Greece and Hungary fell once again from their previous year’s level. During 2012, Eastern Europe was a focal point of expansion at METRO Cash & Carry. In the process, the sales line expanded its market share in the region.

In Asia, the cash & carry segment continued to perform strongly in 2012. Sales produced by the cash & carry segment once again grew faster than sales generated by modern food retailing. By continuing to expand in this strategic growth region, METRO Cash & Carry played a major role in the development of the cash & carry business. Thanks to the low market concentration found in many countries and the higher number of small, traditional retailers, the region continues to exhibit tremendous growth potential.