Media-Saturn: developments in consumer electronics retailing

In 2012, the Media-Saturn group of companies maintained its leading position in European consumer electronics retailing. In addition to expanding its stationary stores, the sales line opened the new online shops of Media Markt and Saturn in several countries during the reporting year. In the process, it continued to expand its presence in the rapidly growing online business.

In 2012, German consumer electronics retailing performed well once again. However, sales grew at a slower pace than they have done in recent years. Following a subdued start in the 1st quarter, the market gained strong momentum in the 2nd quarter. This trend continued in the 2nd half of the year as well. A key driver of these sales was the strong demand for consumer electronics related to the UEFA EURO 2012 football championship. Following a sharp cut in advertising activities, Media-Saturn surrendered market share in the 1st quarter. By the end of the year, these losses had been fully recaptured. These gains were also due to the continued expansion of the sales line’s online business. In addition to Redcoon, both Media Markt and Saturn have their own online shops in Germany. The sales produced by Media-Saturn’s online sales operation grew faster in 2012 than the online sales generated by the overall market. Compared with the entire consumer electronics retailing business, online sales produced above-average growth during the reporting year.

In Western Europe, the negative sales trend from the previous year continued during 2012. In Spain and Portugal, 2 crisis countries of the eurozone, the industry’s sales plummeted once again. With the exception of Austria, the other countries of Western Europe generated only weak growth. The Internet sales channel was able to escape the grip of the overall negative market trend and gained further significance in 2012. Despite challenging market conditions, Media-Saturn was still able to expand its market share in Western Europe. A key driver of this growth was the continued expansion of multichannel sales.

In Eastern Europe, sales of consumer electronics retailing shot up in 2012. Russia and Turkey remained the main driving forces of this growth. The Polish market also produced exceptional results. This was backed by strong demand for consumer electronics related to the UEFA EURO 2012 football championship that was held in the country. In Greece, the negative trends seen in recent years continued in 2012. Overall, Media-Saturn maintained its market share in Eastern Europe.